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Turf Types

Turflands provide a range of different Instant lawn turf types, for help choosing
view our Turf type chart below


We supply Turf locally to the Manawatu and also areas such as Whanganui, Wellington, Kapiti Coast, Hawkes Bay and Taupo.

How to choose your Turf type


Multi Lawn

A mixture of our different types of turf for general turf applications.



Turf Species: Fine Fescues. Suggested Mowing Height: 15-25mm Colour: Medium Green A very fine lawn which is best suited to low traffic areas and will tolerate shaded areas better than Playlawn and Tall fescue. Has the added benefit of being able to use haloxyfop to spray out courser grasses, when used at the correct rates, without effecting fine fescues. Relatively slow growing therefore can be used in situations that aren't frequently mown where grass cover is required while maintaining a tidy appearance.


Bermuda (couch) (Winter frost dormancy)

Turf Species: Cynadon dactylon (also known as Bermuda/couch grass). Suggested Mowing Height: 15-30mm Colour: Medium Green A fine leafed hard wearing species with excellent drought tolerance. A deep rooted species that spreads by stolons which aids rapid recovery from wear/ damage. Maintaining summer green colour through dryer periods. Bermuda (couch) is a warm season grass so during cooler temperatures growth will slow or will go completely dormant in areas that experience frosts. In areas that experience frosts Bermuda (couch) will turn brown in winter. To overcome this a companion species (Fine Fescues/Rye grass) can be over sown in autumn to give a green cover all year round. Bermuda (couch) is also used at beach houses, sports fields, golf courses, council berm and roadsides.


Tall Fescue

Turf Species: Tall Fescue Suggested Mowing Height: 30-50mm Colour: Dark Green A good general purpose hard wearing ready lawn turf with a slightly broader leaf than Playlawn. Has the added advantage of having better drought tolerance (once established) than Playlawn. When mown at the higher setting produces a dense sward making it difficult for weeds to establish. This dense sward also helps the turf to tolerate high traffic areas (e.g. Play centers, Schools, Day care centers).



Turf Species: Fine Amenity Ryegrass Suggested Mowing Height: 20-35mm Colour: Medium to Dark Green Our most popular selling turf. A good hard wearing general purpose turf, that suits a wide range of environments. An easy lawn to maintain best suited to areas that receive good sunlight. Generally used in medium to high traffic areas due to it's good ability to recover well from wear, while still giving an excellent lawn in low traffic areas.


Economy turf

Minimum of 50square meters.
Any of the above turf types (excluding Bermuda) that have been down graded for various reason. This is for people who want the advantages of using an instant lawn but don't necessarily need a high quality turf. The turf will still have the characteristics of those mentioned above and is subject to availability.

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